Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome, and Beginnings


Veganism brings a smile to my face. It gets me active and excited, full of zest for life. I'm going on 10 years now, and I feel like I become more enthusiastic and creative all the time (which led me to my recent food processor purchase.... yum!).

Most importantly, veganism has exposed me to all manner of zany, wonderful people, and that's where this story begins. What started out as another crazy night with vegan friends became this project. The evening started off small ("Who wants to watch TV?") and ended up wild ("VEGAN SUNFLOWER MAC & CHEESE! TINY FOOD PROCESSORS! MESS GALORE!"). After the inevitable cake with coconut icing made us full of impossible dreams, we decided to share our madness with the whole world (or, rather, I did). Thus: the vegan food blog.

Now, I am not a professional chef, nor am I a sous-chef. In fact, I'm a recently graduate, intern, and current job-seeker. My pastries will not be perfect, and my crusts will sometimes be burnt. This is an average food blog, for the average person :) There are a million of these, and mine will be no different. It will be an experiment but also a sharing of recipes I've been using and loving forever. I will rip off lots of other people's food blog posts. Mainly, I will catalogue for myself all the things I've made and try to feel witty about them. I will also attempt to improve my food photography -- this I vow!

I will remember my undergraduate campus's Buddhist House here, by borrowing from their fantastic and long-lived communal meal mantra: "Food is good! Every day! Every day! Food is good!" 

These things are true. But this is no ordinary food. This is vegan food. And so the new blog is born!

So say we all! Huzzah!


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